The Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP) program is designed for those who want to become a pilot in order to fly recreationally or as a hobby. Although it is the quickest and most affordable route in learning to fly, the Recreational Pilot Permit is slightly more restricted than the Private Pilot Licence.


Title:   Recreational Pilot Permit
Prerequisites:   None
Schedule:   Part-Time or Full-Time
Intake:   Continuous
Duration:   Depends on Student Schedule
Cost:   Approximately $7,000-8,000


Although not required at the time of admission, a student will need to obtain a Category 4 medical prior to their first solo.

Advanced Standing

Applicants who have partially completed training toward a Recreational Pilot Permit at another flight school may be credited advanced standing in accordance with Transport Canada regulations and at the discretion of the Chief Flight Instructor.

Program of Study

The Recreational Pilot Permit program consists of a minimum of 25 hours of flight instruction in preparation for the Transport Canada flight test. Of the 25 hours, the following requirements must be met:

  • 15 Hours Dual Flight Instruction
  • 5 Hours Solo Practice
  • 2 Hours Cross-Country

There is no ground school requirement for the Recreational Pilot Permit. However, it is encouraged that the student considers taking the Private Pilot ground school to help prepare for the Transport Canada written examination.


The times listed above are Transport Canada minimum times required for completing the course. Completion time is based on student skill, therefore prices may increase as more hours are required.

Payment Schedule

Due to the large costs associated with flight training, Discovery Aviation Academy does not expect students to pay tuition fees upfront or in large installments. Discovery Aviation Academy utilizes the "Pay-Per-Lesson" method, where the student settles their invoice after each lesson. Please contact DAA for a full cost breakdown for the Recreational Pilot Permit.


Students graduate the program when they have received letters of recommendation for both the Transport Canada written examination and flight test.


Enrollment for this program is continuous, meaning students can start flight training toward the Recreational Pilot Permit at any time.

Apply to train with DAA

If you are interested in learning more about DAA or would like to start your training with us please contact us using one of the methods listed below:

Phone: (705) 693-3346
E-mail: info@flydaa.ca
Address: 8555 Aviation Road, Garson, Ontario P3L1V4