The Multi-Engine Rating program is designed for those who want to fly bigger aircraft with more than one engine. Most aircraft in commercial aviation are multi-engine, making this program a key step in a pilot career.


Title:   Multi-Engine Rating
Prerequisites:   Private Pilot Licence or Commercial Pilot Licence
Schedule:   Part-Time
Intake:   Continuous
Duration:   Approximately 1 Month (Depends on Student Schedule)
Cost:   Approximately $5,000

Program of Study

The Multi-Engine Rating consists of flight instruction in preparation for the Transport Canada flight test.

There are no minimum flight time requirements for the Multi-Engine Rating program. The student will be recommended for his/her flight test when their flight instructor is satisfied that he/she is to the standard outlined in the "Multi-Engine Flight Test Guide".

There is no ground school requirement for the Multi-Engine Rating program. Your instructor will conduct a one-on-one briefing regarding multi-engine flying techniques.

If the student chooses to do their training on the Cessna C337 Skymaster, their Multi-Engine Rating will be restricted to Centre-Line Thrust Multi-Engine aircraft only.

Payment Schedule

Due to the large costs associated with flight training, Discovery Aviation Academy does not expect students to pay tuition fees upfront or in large installments. Discovery Aviation Academy utilizes the "Pay-Per-Lesson" method, where the student settles their invoice after each lesson.


Students graduate the program when they have received a letter of recommendation for the Transport Canada flight test.


Enrollment for a Centreline Thrust Multi-Engine Rating is quite flexible, except for limited availability during the summer months due to our Fire contract with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Apply to train with DAA

If you are interested in learning more about DAA or would like to start your training with us please contact us using one of the methods listed below:

Phone: (705) 693-3346
E-mail: info@flydaa.ca
Address: 8555 Aviation Road, Garson, Ontario P3L1V4